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Great Fishing

3 in 1 magnetic mathematical educational game: cooperative, challenge and manipulation learning board game to practice counting up to 10 and then 100, calculating additions, subtractions, building and memorizing tables multiplication and training in mental arithmetic. This game promotes mathematical learning in a fun way and effective memorization. From 1 player for handling equipment and from 2 to four players for the two board games.

Available in French and English.

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Mathematical board game of cooperation, challenge and learning material

A cooperative game, playing together with the common goal of catching as many fish as possible before the 5 sharks come out of the dice while resisting storms and the sharks' appetite. While having fun, the players will take up the challenge against the sharks together and practice counting and counting. Who from the team of players or sharks will win?

A challenge game where each player must catch fish as quickly as possible by defying the storm and the sharks. The player with the best stocked fish net wins the game. Before fishing for the number of fish entered on the die, he must first give the results of the operations taken from the magnets and displayed in the submarine. The sign of the operations will be chosen before each start of the game (choice, subtraction or multiplication). Ready to take the challenge?

Handling equipment with a double magnetic bottom plate, allowing the child to handle the fish arranged in lines of 10. The numbers or operations are written in the portholes of the submarine and the numbers written in the bubbles in front of each line allow the quantities to be broken down into tens and units. A fun way to learn to count, to mentally visualize the different operations of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Multiple educational situations to offer the child. Find them in our digital educational guide which will be provided to you for each game purchase.

Learning objectives:

- Count up to 10 with a writing of the numbers by the representation of the dice or encrypted (in ascending, descending or out of order);

- Count up to 100, count a collection, break it down into tens and write the quantities in figures;

- Calculate additions online, without or withholding;

- Calculate subtractions online;

- Build and memorize tables;

- Practice mental calculation.

Box contents

- A large magnetic game board in 2 parts

- 100 fish magnets

- 30 number magnets

- 33 number magnets

- 5 shark cards

- 4 net trays and 1 die

- A user guide in French and English


Data sheet

Class Level
Grande section/ CM1
5 à 9 ans
Solid magnetic cardboard

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