Our Brand

Ludiscol is a brand of educational materials and games intended for school teachers and parents wishing to accompany their children in their learning. Our company creates and publishes educational material and educational games specifically responding to school needs in the field of learning by promoting manipulation. Ludiscol games are designed with the aim of being a relevant, colourful and fun medium in order to give children the desire to learn in order to develop skills targeted by the official texts of school programmes. Our Ludiscol brand is the fruit of a meeting between an experienced school teacher, passionate about her work and who has taught in all levels of primary and kindergarten, thus enabling her to acquire an overview of the problems of teaching and learning children and a former teacher trainer passionate about pedagogy and creation. 

Our Goal

Our objective is to offer teachers and all teachers appropriate support, with a specific learning objective in the fields of phonology, mathematics, and many others soon. All our games are accompanied by a manual presenting the skills aimed, and the implementation of the game with instructions to give to children. The quality of the material and its solidity is a priority, so that its use is adapted to the requirements of the school environment.

We believe that each game must first please the child and present an originality and a relevant interest for the development of the children. You will be guided in this direction by our icons on each product sheet. You can thus know if a game will contribute to the development of fine motor skills, or promote cognitive development for example. We want our customers to be close to us and to receive quality service and good advice. As such, our switchboard is open every day of the week and on Saturdays to accompany and advise you.

Compliance with Standards

All toys and games sold on our site comply with the EN 71 standards in force in France and Europe and demonstrate impeccable manufacturing quality. The manufacturer's recommended age at which toys and games can be used safely shall be systematically indicated. In some cases we can specify an age more suited to the abilities and development of the children.

We also attach importance to the selection of our suppliers for their compliance with standards and their management of the environmental resources resulting from their activity. Our games are designed in France and manufactured in Europe.