Math games

Learning and addressing mathematics in kindergarten is an important step in children's learning journey. They must acquire and assimilate the skills of the school program. We wanted our educational games to be a support and a help for teachers and children so that this acquisition process is carried out in a fun and effective way, by proposing a pedagogical approach that has been proven in the field. Our educational materials to learn mathematics in kindergarten are designed to put the child in concrete situations of learning and allow him to manipulate playful, quality, which are intended both entertaining and aiming to assimilate specific skills targeted by the programs. These mathematical educational games are inspired by Montessori pedagogy, in the sense of putting manipulation at the heart of learning. They were created by a passionate teacher of pedagogy, and tested in field situations with children.

Ludiscol currently offers two mathematical games mainly for small and medium classes. These educational games for children aged 3 and 4 make it possible to work on counting skills.

Great Fishing

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3 in 1 magnetic mathematical educational game: cooperative, challenge and manipulation learning board game to practice counting up to 10 and then 100, calculating additions, subtractions, building and memorizing tables multiplication and training in mental arithmetic. This game promotes mathematical learning in a fun way and effective memorization. From...

Count the owls

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Magnetic and fun educational counting game to practice counting from 1 to 5 by grouping owl babies around their mother. The child will be able to manipulate and use the different representations of numbers: numbers, hands and the arrangement of stars on the mother's stomach. Available in French, English, Spanish, and German.

Count the chicks

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With this magnetized teaching material, the child will be able to train in a playful way with the enumeration by gathering around Mother hen as many chicks as eggs incubated. Through this concrete situation, he will use several strategies and manipulate the different representations of quantities. Available in French, English, Spanish, and German