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Count the chicks

With this magnetized teaching material, the child will be able to train in a playful way with the enumeration by gathering around Mother hen as many chicks as eggs incubated. Through this concrete situation, he will use several strategies and manipulate the different representations of quantities.

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On each of the 5 trays, the eggs of the mothers hatch. The child will make the chicks appear by using the representation of the number requested, indicated by the eggs. Mommy hen had as many chicks as she hatched eggs. While playing, the child will memorize the written representations of quantities: the fingers of the hand and the numbers written in numbers. The child will be able to develop different counting strategies: count the eggs then count the chicks, show each egg and place a chick, count with his fingers, and of course place the chicks in the same arrangement as the brooded eggs to visually check if it is the same. 

Objectives :

Construct the notion of quantity by understanding that any number is obtained by adding 1 to the previous number.

Know how to associate the representation of the fingers of the hand and the numbers with the quantities.


Skills developed :

Know how to make a collection from 1 to 5 by counting.

Use different representations


Contents of the box :

5 magnetic trays

s quantities.

16 magnetic chicks

10 quantity magnets: numbers from 1 to 5 and hands from 1 to 5 fingers

a storage box

a user guide


Data sheet

Class Level
3 ans à 4 ans
Solid magnetic cardboard

Specific References


Comptine maman poussins

comptine numérique pour les petite section qui accompagne le jeu de numération compte les poussins

Download (595.76k)

Comptine maman poussins MS

comptine numérique pour la classe de moyenne section qui accompagne le jeu compte les poussins

Download (876.33k)

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